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Another Dissertation Question


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I'm in the final year of a BA(Hons) in Nursery Management and it's dissertation time!!!

I've decided to do something along the lines of "what impact does the key person approach have on the key person", I have the Dorothy Selleck book "key persons in the nursery" and will research and read things by Elinor Goldschmied. I know this will also encompass attachment so will check Bowlby out too; thinking it might also cover group dynamics, i.e. how it affects everyone in the room inc the buddy.


Any other ideas, suggested reading, good sites or has anyone done this topic before me?

As the title said all help greatfully received!!!!



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...Cathy Nutbrown and Jools Page, "Working with babies and young children - From Birth to Three" springs to mind. I'm sure they write about the "key person approach", haven't read it in a while but as I know Jools I know secure attachements is something she is passionate about.

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