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Rhymes About Length?


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Mr Lynn is very thin,

Mr Pratt is very fat,

Mr Cort is very short,

Mr Hall is very tall,

Mr Dent is very Bent,

Mr Wait is very straight.

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How about


When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears

Oh what did her blue eyes see?

A chair (bowl/bed/bear) that was big,

a chair (bowl/bed/bear) that was small

and a chair (bowl/bed/bear) that was tiny

And that was all

And she counted them 1....2.....3.

(last verse

And they growled at her - roar, roar, roar)


There are so many counting rhymes, but hardly any about length! We could do with a few more.



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Thanks to all who replied. There seems to be a shortage of them. I think I may have to get creative! I can hear my teaching assistant groaning from here as she says 'Did you make this one up yourself?'

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