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Diploma In Pre School Practice Level 3


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Hi all,


I'm now, amazingly, up to the second NEC assignment in Core Unit 3. I had the result from my tutor for the first assignment this morning. A nice fat PASS which was good.


Now, this is where I'm a little confused. The first question for NEC 2 says:-


'Identify four ways in which your setting complies with legal requirements to provide an inclusive environment'


I was fine with this until I THEN read (wish I hadn't) my tutors 'guidance notes' :o (yeah, thanks)


She says:-


'You need to identify the four main legal requirements of your home country, which relate to an inclusive environment, and also the relevant National Standards now within the Childcare Act 2006. Then you will need to state how your setting complies with each one.'




What does she mean by my home country? Shes mentioned before than Scotland do things differently to England (I'm in Hampshire by the way). Are there specific 'inclusive' requirements for England? How on earth do I know which are the 'main four' and if I'm also looking at the 'relevant National Standards now with the ChildCare Act 2006' does that mean more than four, or are they the same? I'm totally confuzzled now!!


Wheres the best place to look? All this legal requirements stuff is beginning to make my head spin! xD


Thanks in advance everyone!!

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