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Is This The Norm In A Childens Centre?


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I am a T.A 2 (bottom level pay wise) and have been asked to be responsible for the planning for Nuture Nursery and Creche's and key worker for 12 children. Is this the normal expectation in a CC of a T.A? Dont want to kick up a fuss but the role appears different to job discription given with my contract I'm not the sort of person who says "its not on my JD so i am not doing it!!"but feel a bit put on to be honest


Any advice please??? x

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Saw that no-one had responded to your post so thought I would. It seems an awful lot to me - keyworker for 12 children is no mean feat in itself to keep ahead of everything. I think you should certainly be supported by the QTS in this and perhaps the QTS should be involved in the planning based on your experiences and observations of the children in your keyworker group. Do you get on with the teacher and area you able to ask her for help in pulling this together. How many children does she have and plan for? I do think it is quite a lot especially if you are being asked to do it all on your own - but hey work in a CC is always different. Does the teacher work alongside you and how many other staff are there - what ages are the children?

She obviously thinks you are a competent enough to do it but maybe you ought to stress that you just may not have enough time to put together and write up your obs on 12 children plus do the planning and you feel that you might miss something. I am sure she would be supportive if you had an open and honest conversation on what you feel you can and cannot do.


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