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While walking around a museum recently I was inspired to do a topic on the pre-historics.

These are the planning ideas that I have already but I really want this to be a 2 week topic so if you can think of any other ideas I would be most grateful.


-Make pre-historic tent in garden and cover with fake fur

-Make paper spears

-Mark making on slate tiles using chalk

-Visit natural history museum

-Make simple cave man type clothes

-re-create cave drawings of people and animals like mamouths

-Attempt to make fire using sticks and flint


Any more ideas??????

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Hi Oli

Interesting topic! I'm not sure how viable the fire making is though--from a safety point of view, Id be worried that the children might try this on their own.

Make the visit to the History Museum the starting point and go with the children's interests?

Make clay pots?

Have fun and do let us know how this goes!

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Good point about the fire lighting! Maybe we won't practise that!! I like the idea of make clay pots and maybe we could make some jewlley as well. I would like to make some tools of the day like stone axes and hammers and it would be great to do some carving but I'm not sure how I could do this safely!!

Anyone got any more ideas??

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