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Eyfs Target Tracker


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Hello everyone hope you are enjoying the new year so far.


I'm new to the Foundation Stage and at my school we have just started using EYFS Target Tracker (I'm impressed).


I'm updating it with all my profile info as well as updating a paper system but do I need to be? Is the EYFS Target tracker enough with attached photos and a cross referenced evidence file? I feel like I'm doing a paper version for the sake of it at the moment?


Any advice is welcome





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We do this too, but with a new Head starting in Jan we are loathe to change too many things!

We have decided to do EYE profile as well and can then ditch the one she doesn't want.

I'll be interested in what people say.

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I use Target Tracker too and I find it really useful, but I also keep paper records. I actually find the paper records more effective - expecially at moderation meetings at the end of the year when you have to just ify your every move! The TT software I use more for entering and analysing data, but my paper records are for evidence - sticking in photos, post-it notes, observations etc. I find it easier to know where things are if they are written down in front of me!


I think it's up to you how you use it really - if you want to keep using paper records too, then go for it. So long as you and your school are happy with the way you collect and record your evidence then you do it in whatever way suits you. :o

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