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Managing Mixed Reception And Year 1

Guest sarahjw

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Hi everyone


I have a mixed reception and year 1 class in a school which has had lots of issues in recent years over standards and achievement. As such there is great pressure (from the LA) to see improvements in assessments every term, either using EYFS or national curriculum levels as appropriate.


The problem is because of all this pressure I think I'm trying to do too much. I'm trying to stick with EYFS principles and ensure the Year 1s are getting sufficient challenge. At the moment I am trying to do a maths lesson, a phonics session, a literacy lesson and some topic work each day, with all the Y1s having written tasks to do, and the 2 reception groups alternating on an adult directed tasks linked to Literacy, Numeracy and topic (still getting plenty of time to do child initiated stuff).


I know I'm doing too much, but with the push to raise standards, I don't know what I can drop.


Anyone got any bright ideas please?! I'd really value your expertise.



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