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Anyone out there an AST for Foundation Stage? I'm thinking about applying but would like to hear from anyone who has direct experiences to share. I have heard of some AST's being put into year groups where they have had little or no experience. I wondered of you apply as a specialist for Foundation then this is where you would most likely be used? I'v also heard that the government are changing the AST post to Excellent Teachers scheme... ho hum when will they every learn to leave something alone to get it enbedded!! :o

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Liza,

I relinquished my post as AST last year for 2 reasons. The pay added about £15 a month to my salary and I was really doing the role of an advisor on one day a week. I found the pressure of school and the AST job too much and felt the pay didn't match the work! I know that sounds horribly greedy but its a tough enough job as it is. I was AST for dance and drama but it was for the whole primary range. I think if it was AST for Foundation Stage you would be less torn between the 2 roles. A lot of my job was delivering INSET and I'm not that keen on teaching anyone over the age of 7!

The whole experience was good- seeing the different job advisors and inspectors have- and how out of touch they can be if not regularly teaching (not all!). Relinquishing my post has left me on less pay than before I was AST because I had to give up my management points to be an AST. so be very careful to get put a high point in the AST scale.

sorry to be so negative I do know many AST's who love it. We need good practitioners who understand the day to day life in the classroom but watch out for being used solely as an advisor without the pay!

cheers Lucyd

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