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Hello there,


Our pre-school has only been open for 2 weeks, lots to get our heads around. Doesn't seem to be enough time for anything at the moment as we are all easing into the routines and the setting.


We have to set-up/pack away each day which seems to leave no time for constructive conversation with the staff team in terms of evaluating the day and recording our evaluations on paper.

We are probably planning 3/4 adult -initiated activities across a week e.g 1x art, 1 x literacy, 1 x carpet focus, 1 x music/dance focus. the first two would be on offer each day, the last two would probably just happen once or twice. Apart from that it's just the continuous and enhanced provision stuff.


I wrote one formal focused activity plan for an activity last week but nobody apart from me had time to look at it or write an evaluation. We just evaluated it together in our staff meeting.

I've just spent ages writing 2 (whoohoo) focused plans for next week but do wonder if anyone else is going to look at them? Only 3 of us on the staff.


Am I on the right track??

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Hi there Edlee,


When we moved then re-opened, time seemed to fly too fast and we found the same.


There are a few things which need to be prioritised and the main one is that you delegate and don't end up doing everything yourself. You will end up exhausted enough with everything else so take time to as different staff to be responsible for particular areas.


For example, you could state that whoever has the role of one particular area also have the role of writing a simple statement to evaluate one aspect of their role (if they were outside, they could just write up an aspect or even make an adjustment to the risk assessment).


However, please don't try to do too much - do you need to evaluate everything? Could you do that at staff meetings and write it up as a guidance for the future?


We've never managed to evaluate each activity, it isn't practical as we don't have time. Just take your time and take it slowly,


Spiral :o

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We also evaluate our daily adult focus / art activity / child initiated time / circle time - however it is literally a couple of lines, whether the activity was popular, if it needs repeating, any enhancements to make it better or not to repeat it didn't work - thats it. Weve got it down to about 5 mins at the end of each session, and we supposedly take it in turns to fill it in.

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