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Creation Assembly Any Ideas Please


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Hi everyone


I have to do my first Reception class asssembly in many years. Any ideas would be welcome. It is to last about 15 minutes, there are 28 children involved.


The class topic is Day and Night, we are going to look at fear of the dark, nocturnal animals, people who work night/day etc so we could actually change the theme to fit these if Creation is too difficult.


Any ideas gratefully received.





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Peace at Last by Jill Murphy is a great story. Also Can't You Sleep Little Bear (cannot remember the author name) is about a bear who is frightened of the dark.

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Thank you for your help. Assembly was yesterday. We used 'Owl Babies' and feelings focus rather than creation.


They were brill! Lots of tears from the mums. They rose to the occasion wonderfully.





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