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Hi everyone,

I'm an NQT teaching reception and need some ideas for my 1st class assembly about mother's day!!! (trying to be well prepared) if you have got any songs, prayers (i'm in a catholic school), poems or words of wisdom they will be much appreciated!




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Last year the children created a poem about their mums for my assembly.Cant remember what was in it but something like why they loved their mums, what they could do to help mums and we asked the children to bring in photos of when they were young.Someone in the school put them in a slide show and played it to music for the introduction. Most of the parents had a tear in their eyes because it was a surprise.

Hope this helps

good luck

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There is a storybook called "My Mum is Fantastic"; you could use it to encourage the children to produce their own pictures and sentences to contribute to the assembly.

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We dramatised the story of Baby Goz on year.

- A sweet little 4 year old dressed up as the gosling and came across different animals and asked each one in turn 'Are You My Mummy? and the animal answered No I am not your mummy i am a rabbit etc....until he came across his own mummy who answered Yes I am your mummy and I love you very much. Simple repeating text which worked really well and the children dreseed up was really cute.

The children then read their 'I love my mummy because....' (we got things like kind, pretty etc)

The children then sang a religious song with lovely words thanking God for their mums. (could have been the out of the ark one)

Ended with each child giving their mum a daffodil.


Not a dry eye in the place!


I am sure whatever you decide will be lovely. Good Luck

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