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Combined Nursery & Reception Planning

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Following our Ofsted inspection in July we have been told that, in order to improve progress, Nursery and Reception need to work more closely together. Admittedly we do operate more or less separately and recognise that we need to work on this in light of the EYFS ethos. We have decided our first will be to start planning our topics together, however we are unsure about how to go about this. I understand that we will need to put together a 3 year cycle, as some children attend Nursery for almost 2 years and so will repeat topics in Reception if we only plan over two years. Is this what other people do? We also need to start thinking about the idea of planning more from the children's interests and focussing less on topic based ideas. Management aren't too keen on this so want us to do both, ideally more AI than CI. I don't know what to do for the best! Any ideas? Any of this actually make sense?!!


p.s. I teach Reception, if that's any help!

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