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Hi everyone. I hope you all had a good break and are enjoying the wonders of school again. This half term I am teaching 'Dance'. I am at a loss! Does anybody have any good ideas on a stimulus and lesson structure? The session lasts for around 30 mins. Thanks

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Dance happens to be a passion of mine and I LOVE teaching it, especially to little ones. Really alot depends upon the space you have and the topic you are doing as it's great fun to link it if possible.


I believe a basic lesson should have a warm up to lively music, the main body of thr dance and then a calming down time.


Playing very simple movement games like Musical statues is good especially as it helps develop and build upon expressive language; 'spiky' shapes etc.


Ia m supposed to be writing an article about dance for the frum,but haven't known where to start. Perhaps this is the rwite time and prompt that I need.


If you need more ideas give me a shout and I'll delve deep into that part of my brain and past dances.


But basically, don't think of it as dance, but more movement created by the children in response to a stimulus; be it words, pictures, music. I truly believe that dance comes from within and it is all of us and chhildena re natural movers.





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I've had lots of inspiration from the Val Sabin publication "Action Kids"; not necessarily following all the suggested activities (although many of these are excellent) but using the music to encourage creative movement which is, as Kate suggests, coming from within the children. I'd really recommend it. I was a complete novice too, but feel I can hold a reasonable movement session now :)

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My passion is dance with Early Years. I'm very happy to sort out all my stuff and send it- but am so new to the forum not sure how to! Do you just add it as an attatchment?

I have been seconded and then as AST to support dance in my county so have run lots of Inset on dance.

The advice already given is great- warm up- vigorous lots of talk about body parts etc. (I always advise to a tune you love) content looking at at one of the elemnts that make up dance TRAVEL, TURN, JUMP, GESTURE, STILLNESS. Observing the children's movements will give you motifs you can teach the whole group and then let them dance freely. Then cooldown in which you can talk through visualisations. I'm using elemenys of T'ai Chi and Yoga at the moment which is working so well!

Worcestershire LEA have recently produced a scheme of Primary Dance lessons which have some good units for Early Years and links the TOP dance cards into the scheme.

Oh, I'm all excited now - yes its definitely a passion!

cheers Lucyd

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Hi nicnic

Like Helen we use the Val Sabin scheme for physical development, Action Kids. It has a CD and tape with it and has loads of ideas for warm ups, cool downs and then lovely dance ideas.


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Sorry to be so long! This is quite an old document and refers to some handouts I can't find! But it might raise interest in dance and we can take it from there.

At the moment we are using Nina Simone "I got life" to work with our centre. You might have heard it on the super Actimal advert!



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