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Hey all. Happy New Year! Hope 2005 is a good year for you all.


Am just wondering whether you can help me. Does anyone know of a website where I can get photos of winter scenes/children in winter clothing/winter around the world etc. I spent ages yesterday trawling websites, saving pictures, only to realise that all of them came out the size of thumbnails. When I try and enlarge them, their pixels go all rubbish, so they were a waste of time. I wanted to print them out too and they were useless.


I found a lot of sites that were a bit useless, but I was wondering if any of you had a decent list of websites that could be used as a bank for all of us to use without having to trawl through yahoo's billion examples!!!


I did also try google but there's was the same problem - as well as the fact that I could save some, but they wouldn't show up on my computer!


Either that or can someone give me a damn good idea how to overcome the miniscule photo problem before I go insane!!!


Thanks y'all !!!


D xxxx

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Hve you tried


Typed a search for Winter in there just now and came up with 1000+ photos. The ones we printed out from there of fire engines at our preschool were A4 and good.


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Great links :D - the freefoto one looks particularly good. It's so frustrating and time consuming sometimes isn't it, trying to find something. I've saved both to my favourites and will trawl later.


Thanks - Harricroft

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