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  • 5 months later...

Hi Vicky,


I am studying this too. I have today finished unit 2 study and have to submit by 15th march. Have found this unit really difficult and a bit put off for next unit (5).


Have some ideas but having spoken to my tutor, it seems I had the wrong idea about E3, E4 and A. Also, my ability to ANALYSE in criteria B has been commented on. Do you have any ideas about this? If I can share with you what my tutor has said is okay and you think it might help, I am happy to.


If it helps, i did get an A for units 3 and 4. I am quite hard on myself and feel if I don't get an A, I am letting myself down. Would have preferred a C grade so far, then I would pressure myself less.


Fortunately, or rather unfortunately, my tutor helped to write the course so expectations are specific and high!


Rosie xx

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