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Hi everyone,

I was woundering if anyone out there coudl help me. I am about to embark on a journey into higher eductaion.... teaching on the early years moduels within the university I have just graduated from.


I have no expreienc ein this area and I am veyr worried about keeping the students enagaged and interrsted. I am running sessions for year 1 and 2 exploring the eyfs and also looking at the welfare requirments and ofsead. I have managed to incorporate some pratcial activites into the exploring the eyfs session but I am relaly strugling with the welfare and ofstead session its not veyr exciting!!!! Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks

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You and me both! I have just got a job as a part time lecturer on a foundation degree and I have no experience in teaching grown up people at all!


I think you should not worry too much as the university you are teaching at has a lot of knowledge of you as you graduated from there, so they must be confident in your abilities. Mine doesn't really know me from Adam I feel.


The way I am thinking about it in terms of the actual teaching style is to remember all the lectures/training I have been to recently and take the best things from there and try to avoid the worst things, such as the lecturer not being able to explain an abbreviation because "ooh I don't know what it means. No one has ever asked that before."!


If I come up with any useful info I will be sure to share it with you.

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