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Duel Language Books-braile?


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We have a new child whose's mum is blind but child is fully sighted. We run a borrowing book library session. I'm keen that the child has access too and is exposed to images and text in a book format thats not available in the home.He will get that in nursery with sighted adults but this is the books he takes home.He has an older brother to share his selection with.I would however like to provide opportunities for mum and child to share a story. I can find braille story books but I'm struggling for a format like a duel language book where mum can read to the child but child has picture and text. I thought it might be nice to have a few for general section along with our dual language books for the other children to borrow.


I'd be grateful of any advice on where I could buy some or advice from any one who's has had a child with a blind parent in their setting.

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Thanks for that-it would help my searches if I used 2 l's instead of 1 !!


I'm still having problems though. A couple of braiLLe sites that looked promising have turned out to be American. I've found A Squash and a Squeeze on RNIB site but I think we need more that one story although the description is interesting


The print book has been adapted to include braille on interleaved clear plastic sheets, so the pictures and print story can be read underneath


Would it be possible to get a Braille reader to type on these clear plastic sheets for our existing books?

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