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Do I Need To Be Doing Indepth Activity Plans Each Week?


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planning seems to be taking a step in a different direction focusing more on continous provision and child initiated activities



I dont know if we are doing it right but this is what we do

our room is set out in learning areas and we have a continous provision sheet for each learning area(look in the resources section) they explain what resources are available and how children may access the area and promote eyfs, I tweeked the ones in the resouces section to suit my setting


our weekly planning sheet is set out in three colums first column is notes of what the childrens interests have been (observed in recent sessions) and the second links to how we might enhance the learning areas to link these interests and the third column sugests some additional activities that we might add to stimulate and challenge the children, its all written very briefly because at the end of the day we only have time to glance at planning during a session.


we dont go into much detail with the additional activites and its not planned to be too prescriptive and minimal adult led


I dont know if others are doing detailed plans but ours is one sheet of A4 per week, the links to eyfs are already on the CP sheets and the evaluation in each childs learning journey


hope that helps?

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