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If you was team leader and a member of staff had a problem with another member of staff how would you deal with it? What if they told you it in confidence and didn't want anything said? Would you mention anything to your manager?


Any help would be great, i am going for a team leader posistion in a nursery and staff conflict is something i have never dealt with before.

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Good question.


Whether to go to the manager, I think, would depend on a number of things, such as, How seriously the conflict;

Affects the staffs ability to carry out their work.

How long the conflict has been going on for.

Whether the conflict consists of any sort of bullying or infringment of any other policies.



If a staff member asks me to keep something confidential, my reply would be that I could only do that if the situation didn't affect the staffs ability to carry out their jobs and that it didn't affect the quality of service to children and parents.

I would ask the member of staff what they expect from me, in terms of helping with the situation, now that they have disclosed thier concern.

I would suggest that the member of staff try to resolve the situation in a professional and mature manner and that if they couldn't and work relations didn't improve then I may have to step in and try to support both parties in resolving their conflict.


Hope this helps, and good luck with getting the team leader role you are after. :o



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Thanks its what i thought but wanted someone elses point of view.




nothing more to add to the advice, but wanted to say good luck going for the position xxx

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