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i know this thread was done a few years ago but wondered if any one had any new ways/ideas to manage this, how do u show ur recording child intiated ? planning examples etc?



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We use Plan / do / Review so don't actually plan for CI.


I do plan for resourcing the environment, the vocabulary we would like to promote etc from the observations I make on the children but at child initiated both of us play with and alongside the children scaffolding and developing their learning.

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I used to write my plans retrospectively, they included what the children have done today in terms of learning rather than just stating chosen activity, in what context, with what resources, adult interventions (or not).


ie: John, Sue and James explored descriptive language whilst role playing as heroes and villains, creating own props with no adult intervention.


This would be recorded as WHO: John, Sue & James, ACTIVITY: group role play, super heroes, (main) L.O. CLL.

Any significant individual development observed during the play would be noted as a 'wow' moment in the respective childs learning journey.

ie: John instigated play for the first time, or Sue showed understanding of opposites within descriptive language, "You have to fly higher, you're too low, you will crash"





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