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Do you know the "Jack in the box" song, with actions?


The jack in the box jumps up like this (children start crouched down and jump up)

He makes me laugh as he waggles his head (children waggle their heads)

I gently press him down again (put hands on heads and crouch down again)

Saying "Jack in the box you must go to bed!" (Waggle index finger in the air)


I'd sing it to you if I could!

I wonder if you could get hold of an old Jack in the box to show - don't see them much these days, do you?



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There was a Jack in the Box song in the old BAGA scheme for youngsters called 'Gym Joey'. The Toybox section had marching soldiers, puppets, a big red car and aeroplane. Not sure if it would still be available, but our chn. used to really enjoy it.

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