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How does everyone record next steps for nursery children aged 3 - 5? Do you have a separate evaluation sheet or do you do it on planning. I need a way of recording next steps which is simple for all nursery staff to use. Thanks

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Im Nursery 2-4 years. We have a seperate folder with a sheet for each child,

the next steps are taken from observations of the children and put on the relevent

sheet by each child's key person.


Next steps are discussed at weekly meetings so we then can include on the planning

suitable activities to cover next steps.


Will try to attach



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Hi welcome to the forum

I'm a childminder caring for 6 children between 13mths -4.5 yrs

I fill out the following observation sheet at the end of each week and also write the next steps in the child's learning journey so that parents are aware of them



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