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I am planning on using a self registration flipchart that I downloaded off of sparklebox for ActivPrimary. However, after inputting names and grouping the children's name to the icon, I cannot manage to lock the whole image so that the children cannot do anything but move the icon across the screen.


I have been used to the SMART board for the last year, and in smart you just right click and select 'lock image'. I have just been appointed as a nursery teacher and they have Promethean software which is making me want to pull my hair out!


Also, How on earth do I upload my own image, or an image from the web into a flipchart on activprimary?


Thank you for your help!


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Have you managed to do it - I must have been on holiday so didn't see your message.


If you haven't then here's how you do it -


click on the running man then on the running man again on the menu that's appeared

that will put you into design mode

You then select whatever you want to lock

right click it and lock is one of the options.


Hope this makes sense to anyone who wants to know.

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