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I need to write a report on one or more of the experiences currently available to children in my setting ( a foundation unit) ,which I believe allows children to develop their knowledge in maths ,language and science. What would you choose ?

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Oh decisions decisions!

If I remember rightly I think the guidance tells you not to arrange anthing specific for your ECA report but to observe your chosen child in an 'everyday activity'.


I did mine on a (very messy) creative activity of making hot air balloons. There was lots of maths science and language that materialised when I really reflected on it.


Maybe just choose your child and wait and see which activity they choose? Sorry that's probably not a very helpful suggestion especially as it needs to be an activity in which you can interact with the child you are observing but I remember I tried so hard to think/choose of something really good and it was a waste of time - the everyday stuff was staring me in the face and I was making hard work out of task that really wasn't hard at all.


My difficulty was interacting with the child and trying to document things at the same time!!

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