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Water As A Topic!


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I'm looking for any ideas of things people have done with Water being a topic in Reception or Year 1?

Thank you


I have just caught the end of Nina and the Neurons on CBBC, they were talking about making bubbles. Talked about 'is water strong' and floated a paper clip and a rubber band, then added washing up liquid and they sank. then they added lots of liquid to the water and made bubbles ' it makes the water less strong'? and the children filled bubble pots from the bowl. Then they filled a small paddling pool, added lots of W U liquid and lots of sugar 'to make the water thicker' they had hoops the size of tennis raquets and made bubbles and then she used a hula hoop!

Should have been ready to go on holidays but it was quite interesting! Must go the car is being packed as we speak!



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We read a non-fiction book called Splish, Splash, Splosh which told the story of the water cycle in a fun way - it really captured the children's imaginations and led to us investigating mixing different things with water and trying to clean messy water - the children came up with ways to filter out grass, stones and mud from water - it was really impressive watching them.


We also looked at the story of What Made Tiddalik Laugh and told the story outside, made our own puddles and decorated them with natural objects (this all followed an article in a recent issue of EYE).


We looked at rivers, bridges, boats and fish - outside we put long swathes of blue fabric along the path to make a river and the children explored this in lots of different ways - different groups of children doing different things at the same time. Some made fish to go in the river and fishing rods and role played fishing, others made bridges, boats - lots of problem solving to make bridges big enough and strong enough for people to go through sitting in their boats they'd made.


Also freezing / melting, rain, capacity, art using water in different ways....

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