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Hi all,

just a quick question before i head to bed...I'm doing the topic of Australia next half term, and on utube there is a 3minute extract delivered by the wonderful David Attenborough of a baby joey being born and making its way up to the mothers pouch. Do you think it is approrpiate to show children in Reception how a baby Joey enters the world?


Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Not sure how to download the link but if you want to see the fascinating joey being born, then just utube it and put baby kangaroo.


really hope to have your thoughts on this one.



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I just HAVE to get to bed otherwise I would watch it now!

I did have to say though that I would personally have no problem whatsoever showing it. I have often shown film of animals being born. Children of that age take it very 'matter of factly' and parents have never expressed any objection.


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Ah thanks very much Gruffalo2, I would love my kids to see it, but its always good to get other peoples opinion, just incase...


Anyway, will not keep you out of your bed.


thanks again



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