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Advice On Waterproof Clothing - Which Ones Work Best?


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Hi. I am looking to buy some waterproof clothing for our children to enable more outdoor play.

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer...


Are the sets for purchase in the educational supplier catalogues simply shower-proof or are they water-proof? I don't want to invest in 24 sets only to have the children come back in soggy underneath. I really want to get a set that stands up to a decent downpour (obviously not torrential!) :)


Do you find that top and bottoms work better than all-in-ones?


Did you find the sizing of them reasonable, too big or too small? I know it's a bit of a risk anyway but I'd rather be well-informed berforehand.


And lastly, please let me know where you got them from.



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Have posted this somewhere before but can't remember where, you will find a similar thread somewhere! We use muddypuddles.com they are 100% waterproof and can cope with torrential rain and sitting in puddles, best resources we have ever bought and mean we are out every day. They are not the cheapest but they are very hard wearing and you will get your moneys worth. They do sometimes feel wet inside when they first take them off but (revoltingly) it is just the sweaty children who are not actually wet! The sizes are quite big, enough for a winter coat under them when necesary. We bought a selection of sizes to cover nursery and rec, 3-4 5-6 may need some 2-3 for the little nursery ones in september. We have trousers and jackets so that sometimes they only need the trousers on on a warm day but paddling in water. Good luck, i'm sure you will really enjoy the outdoor play even more once you are kitted out.

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