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Hi :o


My team have been discussing the different interruptions to the children's sessions, and the impact on their free-flow play, and would like to know what happens in other settings?


Our interuptions are for;


  • teeth brushing
  • snack time
  • carpet time pre-lunch
  • lunch
  • afternoon snack
  • more teeth brushing
  • transition to after hours care ( we move to a different room so the room can be cleaned)


how do other settings handle this in their routine?




Ali xD

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My personal opinion is that whilst I really appreciate the benefits of child initiated time and the free flow approach, I think that children do need some routine. I feel it helps them understand the concept of time and that in life you do have to conform to a routine and realistically you can't be "free flowing" all day everyday it just isn't practical.


The "interuptions" you describe, I would not really class as such. They are all essential elements in your daily routine and need to happen.


You could try a rolling snack/snack bar with the children so that would be 2 of the interuptions gone off your list. We find this works really really well and means we don't have to stop and tidy up mid way through the session. Other than that I can't see any other way round it, I mean the children need lunch don't they!


I see no problem with it and like a bit of structure to the day.

But like I said, this is my personal opinion.



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I would agree that some routine and structure to the day is helpful for children in early years settings but would question why it is neccessary to brush children's teeth twice during the session!?!

This goes against the recommendations of my dentist

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Thanks Tracey, i agree about some form of routine, and i hadnt thought of it as a concept of time!


The staff have recently asked to go back to having group snack as they felt that snack times where an important part of socialising and language skills and some of our younger children are lacking in this department. Also despite reminders some children were missing snack as noone else was at the table :o which i can understand, but then are hungry later. Whereas at group snack they all eat everything, so they are actually hungry.


Im trying to weigh up the benefits of both methods to see which suits our current children more, and i feel that its important to really consider the staff's views too.


As for tooth brushing... we were told that the children should brush 45 mins after eating, and we have children that stay all day, but some only do half day sessions, so we have 2 groups for that. each child only brushes once a day with us.


Ali :)

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