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What Does A Day In Your Reception Class Look Like?


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Im trying to get my head around what a day in Reception will be like with all the new provisions etc (since i was last in FS) So please could you share what a typical day looks like eg-what you do when they first come in etc-when you fit phonics etc.


Sorry for asking questions at the minute-im off now to try and contribute to other Q's so i dont feel as bad :o

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Ok, so mine.... (and not sure its ok or not, but....)


8:45-9: choose activities (based upon c'rens interests, majority are left out for the rest of the day, and are changed according to the c'rens changing interests) and self register

9-9:05 register

9:05-9:20 psrn whole class

10:45-11:05 phonics

11:05-11:20 cll whole class

wednesdays 11:20-12 guided reading (its a whole school thing)


These are the only things set in stone, mainly because during these times the year 1s are also in my room, and I have been told to keep my children quiet so as not to disturb them!!! (but don't get me on to that... its a whole other issue)

During the rest of the morning either my ta or I will have an adult initiated task, occassionally both. If we're not doing an activity, then we are supporting the children through play and doing observations.

The afternoons are the same, again as staff we will have an adult initiated task (though this will now include hearing readers).

I do have a timetable - I think I am meant to do art on a friday, but....... my head has agreed that my timetable is there as show only, and I can have the freedom to do what I like.


I'm not totally sure with the eyfs that I am doing it right, but I keep reading all the posts on here, and amending my practise accordingly. Hope this helps,



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Scoobydoo, you're allowed to ask questions so dont feel bad about that!


Im working in yr1 at the moment but my reception day would be a short whole class teaching focus after registration at 9am, followed by activities CI and AI until playtime. Then we have a fruit time and another short teaching focus and activities as before until lunch. After lunch, another short teaching focus and activities until story and home.


One focus would be phonics and literacy based, another PRSN and the other would support another curriculum area.

PE, ICT times are also timetabled and may alter the mix slightly.



Hope that helps a little.


Don't be afraid to try something and then change it if it doesn't work for you and your children, the only right way is what works for you! As long as you are consistent with your expectations and your rules the children will cope with adjustments to your routines.

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Hello. Don't be afraid to ask questions - it's what everyone is here for. I think I've attached my timetable. It changes a bit over the year as we add eg a gym lesson. We do have to hear readers, which we fit in whenever we can. We have (for the first time)continuous access to outside whenever it says CIL (child initiated learning) and we have 2 classes with a teacher and full time TA each. In the end, juggle things round till they work for you. I think it is better to do less things and have everyone comfortable and free to explore, rather than packing it in and having children and staff stressed.


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