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Room Rota?


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I am trying to sort out some sort of room rota for our preschool team for the beginning of the new term. At the moment we have 5 members of staff and I am pulling my hair put.....I tidy things up only to find everyone moving things and 'dumping' odd bit of toys etc here there and everywhere! By the end of the week im back to square one!


I just wondered how other settings tackle this? Does anyone have any tips? Or a room rota they would like to share?



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erm... drives me mad... every week... I scream, shout, cry, rationalise, discuss, reflect, try to understand... nope nothing works (especially the growling and grunting)


we never used to have this problem and I believe it was because every member of the team had been involved in setting up the systems for tidying up... a place for everything and everything in its place... the new team have never been involved in this...


also it's usually only me and one other member who set up at 7-7.30 each morning so the rest of the team don't have the exhaustive task of finding everything each day... we have given everyone the opportunity to try an early start to develop more understanding but unfortunately in packaway preschool you only need one not to take the same care and it can set the whole session back... (e.g. table folding tool gone from it's designated place creates a world of problems, it's not rocket science!)


I would be very grateful for any tips


Carla xxx

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