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Mark making chalks paint brushes empty water bottles mark making box for signs, plans ,pictures etc

Maths all kind of sorting and counting oppertunities.

Dens with plastic sheeting string guyropesa and broom handles sunk into concrete for supports.

Opps for growing looking for mini beasts

large boxes for role play or a puppet theatre

Crates and planks off cuts are really cheap for physical structures

Pots pans laddles etc hung to make instruments

Could you make a pull along toy out of a cardboard box and a piece of string.

Ask the children for their ideas.

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I really like that idea!

I am so glad that I renewed my subscription to the EYF! It is nice to find that other people have the same problems as I have - although I worry about how insecure we Early years teachers tend to be.


I teach in a small village school so it is nice to talk to other FS teachers. We have recently had a re-build and therefore have no money to spend on our new outside area. 'Free and Found' are our catch phrases! I have bought a retractable washing line from Betterware which means that we don't have to have it out all of the time. It is at child height so can be used for pegging numbers/letters/words on or simply washing. The instruments idea is a good one. I have milk crates and have set up a 'camp building' box containing old curtains, blankets, pegs, bulldog clips, carpet tiles and logs. The children love it and never tire of building different structures. Last year we built bird hides and the children watched the bird feeders from inside with their binoculars (both real and made). I have yet to develop 'zones' and am always looking out for ways to introduce writing and number activities. The writing trolley is a really good idea though.


Thank you for some good ideas - I will visit again soon Lesleyhazel

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In addition to the timer (when we have bikes out) we use fabric bands (like the ones used to show teams in PE lessons) which the children put on to show that they are waiting and they can then be persuaded to go off and play. Hope this might help someone.


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