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completley out of the air... but how about a wallpaper design factory or similiar... have rolles of lining paper and let the children design their own patterns using paint, crayons etc.

Phone, order book etc.

Painters clothes.

samples of wallpaper.



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Another one off top of head but you could link in Seasons , Days of the weeketc.

Patterns in nature is a good one to explore with paint and glue area- snakes, animal skin prints, butterflies,leaf prints, shells etc.

My World program - Patterns.

Role play area - How about a Greetings card shop with opportunities to make cards, wrapping paper, calendars, gift boxes etc.Provide rubber stamps and pads, sticky shapes, sticky labels to add, string and ribbons etc. Could also link in post office and get in stamps and addresses. Opportunities for money, comparison of size in maths, measurement and many opportunities for writing

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Don't forget Elmer - you could also look at other decorations for elephants for celebrations - you could decorate some large sheets for children to role play with.

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