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We are going to use the SEAL materials in Foundation stage (Not in the rest of the school). Has anyone ever used these and, if so, do you have any Early Years assembly ideas. Our assembly is mainly singing, so we only need a short input and some song ideas.

Thanks for thinking.

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We have been using some little toys from Ros Bayley & Lyn Broadbent called Dossie and Kwame. Dossie is a girl teddy, Kwame a boy orang-utan. They come with some books but we have been using the toys to take photographs of the toys in different emotional situations.

First day at school. Making new friends. Feeling jealous.

We have expanded this and use some big doll puppets to explore other situations – wet pants, spilt milk, asking for help, making new friends.

I have used these pictures in assembly as well as in class and they work well. Key stage 2 like the photographs as well.

Our SEAL coordinator was also on the training and thought it fitted in very well with SEAL.

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