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I am in my second year of an early years foundation degree and have to do a 7000 word research project! HELP! would any of you fantastic practitioners/managers help me by printing of and distributing this questionnaire amongst your parents. It will be an ideal way to gain feedback from parents views regarding Parent Partnerships within your setting!

I would really value your contributions.


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Hi mazsxi,

I've deleted you're double topic starter. :o


I don't work in a setting so I am unable to distribute your questionairre, but I have had a quick read. May I suggest that you consider placing the 'monitoring' questions at the end rather than the beginning, explaning why the info is useful and also maybe add an 'I would rather not say' box for this section. The reason I suggest this is because most people I have spoken to dislike this part of any form/ questionairre.

Also may I suggest that you explain at the beginning why you will find the information useful, maybe state what you are studying and what the information will be used for.


Best of luck with your studies, but also bear in mind that many settings are on their last week of term and parents will already have been inundated with information about end of term activities (well I have been anyway from my 4 childrens schools xD ) or forms regarding next terms registration wishes etc, so many parents may not be inclined to complete another form.

Fingers crossed you get enough replies though to complete your assignment.



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