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Hello All


Hope you are all well!


I'm interested to find out how people organise their reception class, daily routine, class room, admin etc....... does anyone do anything a little out of the ordinary? Especially during the fist few weeks of the new September term? (any good settling in advice)


I'm new to reception next year & am looking for a little advice I know it's a broad topic but any little bits of info that I could use would be fab. We are having a lot of building work done over the holidays so it seemed like the perfect time to have a fresh start.


Thanks in advance


Nicky :o

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I have found that when the children come to visit before starting school in Sept we do lots of getting to know activities and take lots of photos. I make sure these are up in classroom to show children their time here so it is not so daunting. I also make sure i set the classroom the same way as it was in July (it all gets moved for cleaning!!) so they know where things are kept. If I move anything I consult children and we move it together (with me actually lifting it!!!) I spend the first few weeks getting to know children. Playing lots and making observations about their interests. I hope this helps! Just spend time with the children and enjoy yourself! Good Luck.

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we too are having major building work going on during the holidays, which, if all goes to plan, will result in a hugh new classroom.

The first few weeks will be spent playing with the children, finding out their interests, and making observations.

I shall make sure all the continuous provisions are in place, and there is plenty to choose from and then take it from there.


We talk about what we have done during the holidays and paint pictures to put on the wall, writing their names to go with them.


Have fun.

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