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Diploma In Pre-school Practice Level 3


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Hi everyone,


I'm new to this and have signed up as I'm ploughing through the Diploma in Pre-School Practice Level 3 as a home study course and could do with some advice!


Is anyone out there doing this course as well, or has already completed it?




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Hi Flo and welcome!

I have been doing th DPP through NEC. Started Dec last year and just about ready to hand in my very last assignment to CACHE to hopefully get qualifid Dec this year. Has takn a ot of ddication and all day every Saturday to do this!

There are a few doing this course on here and I suggest you go to the training section found on the forum index. I think Vicky is just completing her first assignment. If you do a search on my posts you will also find questions i have asked regarding this course which may help.

Best of luck!

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Hi Marley


I found the training section about 2 seconds AFTER I posted the first message. D'oh. Typically I jumped in with two feet before I scrolled down... :o


If you get a sec, could you have a look at my message on that forum as I asked a question which I think you'd probably be able to help me with. xD


Thanks for the warm welcome, nice to feel there is a bit of support out there!






Tracy.x :(

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