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Hi, I'm after some advice on setting up an auction to fund raise, like Hali described in the previous thread. I thought I might get more responses if I started a new post.


Can anyone advise me as to how you do it? Do you draw up a list and pass it around, or is it done online or something, or all on one day like an antiques type auction?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Hi Suzie,


We ran an auction this time last year - raised £2500 - although I suspect it might not be quite so successful in the current climate! Anyway top tips are:


- plan well in advance, we started 5 or 6 months ahead.

- send out loads of letters and follow them up with a phone call

- the personal approach is sometimes the most effective. We got quite a few prizes simply by walking into shops or cold-calling

- offer to hand out leaflets or add adverts to your emails, or links to your website, in exchange for prizes

- encourage parents (and staff?) to donate their time for gardening/babysitting etc

- publicity to get people along on the night (local radio, paper etc)

- a good auctioneer to get the bids rolling in!



We had an evening event which went pretty well - I would advise against doing it in the summer though. Autumn (the lead up to xmas could be profitable), or late spring would be better.

I'm sure you'll have already thought of most of this but they are the main things I can think of at the moment. More than happy to forward you our auction list etc for ideas.


good luck!



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Thanks that is brilliant and really helpful.


Well done, you raised an amazing amount! That's more than our entire year's fund raising.

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Thanks - have to say it was a lot of hard work, but well worth it. Just to say that it's also worth approaching some national organisations as well as local - we got some signed East Enders stuff from the BBC.


Oh yes, and we held a silent auction alongside the main auction - where people could peruse the lots and then write their bid on a slip and post into a box. This worked well for some of the stuff that we thought might not raise a huge amount in the main auction.





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