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Does anyone have a medium term plan for reception starting after christmas, it has been suggested that we cover weather or does anyone else have any suggestions, any would be appreciated. I am actually a teaching student and need to know what to cover. Thanks for any help.

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Welcome jessam. We'll be doing Food as our topic for the first half of the spring term, but weather should be a good one.


Daily weather chart - link to learning/ordering days of the week, learning different symbols (watch the weather forecast on the TV) or making their own symbols. Maths - counting the number of wet/dry days etc. Talking about how the weather affects what they can do. Dressing up for different types of weather (My World - Teddy computer program where you can select clothes for hot/cold days - good for early mouse control skills - click and drag). Talk about how the weather changes in different seasons. You could actually link this to food - what foods would be good to eat on a hot/cold day (I just love food! xD !). Physical development - moving as if walking on ice, splashing in puddles etc (bit like the BBC Let's Move - Bear Hunt). Creative development - painting/weaving/collage using hot and cold colours. Could extend to weather in different countries - matching animals to different types of climate? Great links with ice activities in the water tray - find the frozen teddy on this website if you haven't seen it - sorry can't put the link in - but it's absolutely priceless :D


Just a few ideas to, hopefully, get you going. This is just the tip of the iceberg :o (sorry no pun intended). I think you should be able to find loads to keep you going.


Best of luck - Harricroft

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