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Does anyone have an example of a risk assessment for a child with a broken collar bone? Hospital have given the all clear for him to return to pre-school but obviously with extra care. Do you think we need a seperate risk assessment specifically for this child?

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hi moomy


we had a child who broke her collar bone while playing on a little tikes slide at our setting. She had a few days

off pre-school then came back with a sling. Mum was absolutely fine about her staying and said the child would be

the best judge of what she could or couldn't do! We explained the situation to the other children and advised all staff

she may need extra support when using the bathroom, putting her coat on etc etc but we did not feel it necessary to

make additional paper work. We fed back between staff at the end of each session over the next few weeks and gave

'mum' an up date on a daily basis.


dottyp :o

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Hi there


I agree with dottyp's advice. We had incidents in the past with broken limbs and have always taken our cue from the individual child. We have this week been informed that one of our children had a finger trapped in a fire door on Sunday night (not at the setting!) and is returning tomorrow with a dressing on it, but no plaster. We have no way of knowing what to write beforehand on a risk assessment until we see how the child reacts and will liaise with the mum on a daily basis. All staff have been informed and we will talk it over with the children in the morning.


Good luck.



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