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hi all,

Not been on here in a while, hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer holidays! I know I am because im now expecting due in October! Cant wait! Its our first baby so we are very excited.


I am about to send my FSP data of to the LEA next week for submission but have a quick query. wondered if anyone knows if the FSP will work on apple as well as PC as all the staff have now been given an apple laptop a few weeks ago and was thinking the teacher who is covering my maternity leave will prob need to use the apple for the FSP as the PC is my own personal laptop. Any ideas folks???




xx :o

PS with reference to the take that thread.. I went on friday night and it was absoloutely fantastic the best concert ever! I just hope the rain stays away tonight as it was gorgeous weather on Friday night and it made the concert even better!



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I don't have access to the FSP but I do know that lots of other stuff from DCSF doesn't work perfectly on my Macbook, for example the Progress Matters excel stuff. I don't know whether you would be able to convince school to get the staff Office for Mac software which might make it easier for the maternity cover teacher. It actually doesn't cost that much and I would imagine that should sort things out for her.


And congrats on your pregnancy!

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