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Hi all

A huge favour to ask pretty pretty please

We are currently revamping our ' Information/induction booklet to give to new staff - and was wondering if any of you kind people out there would be willing to share what you include in yours. Am worried that I might have left something out.

Would be interested also on what format you all use too.(eg booklet, pack, etc)

Currently we have a collection of information sheets and policies made into a small file for new staff, but they really could do with a face lift - any good layouts, font ideas. I don't mind if you want to PM me with samples.

Much much appreciated.

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youve just highlighted something we dont do or have a information booklet for staff induction


we do one for the parents but obviously that would be totally different


I would consider including some of the following(in no particular order)

information about job discription, a run down of whose who in the setting,

routines, policies, general setting information such as accident incident and fire proceedures.

overview of employment conditions clothing, holidays, training, staff rotas

and discription of any duties such as setting up at the start of the session that are best done in a particular way


anything that would help to get the member of staff fully involved with the sessions as quick as possible so they dont have to waste time figuring it all out watching and learning (or possibly floundering)


hope that helps?

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Thanks Alison, yes that's the sort of thing I was thinking of -

Anyone else help? have we missed something - I don't want to do it and then find out I should have included something vital.

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