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Fed Up :(


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Pips! :o


Does anyone else have to use this as an assessment tool with YR? Please tell me it can throw up blips!

Feeling really fed up.

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It definitely can. I've not worked in an LEA that supported it!

Thanks Susan

The literacy element was OK, but the maths :o !

I just know I'll be faced with having to explain again why YR shouldn't be doing a numeracy hour alongside the Y1/2s in the class. Maybe I took my eye off the ball on PSRN with the run in to Y2 sats, but the scores just don't tally with the observations we've made all year, and our moderation was fine.

The best bit was a smiley face from the little boy who has battered staff and children alike verbally and physically all year to say that he "loves school" xD

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