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Does anyone already have a Whistleblowing policy, and if so, would they be willing to share?

Nursery World, 18.6.09, p.4: Catherine Rushforth refers to "Working Together to Safeguard Children," and states that Ofsted recommends such a policy should be in place, but I have never come across a sample policy.

Would it be worded on similar lines to a safeguarding policy whereby the first port of call would be the Safeguarding Co-ordinator, or manager of the setting, and if no action was taken, anyone is able to report directly to NSPCC, Saeguarding Board, etc., but in a whisteblowing situation would then refer the matter to Ofsted?


I would hate to think a member of staff would go behind colleague's backs without first voicing their concerns to a manager, or, if it is the manager who is involved in the concern, an EarlyYears Advisor or Development Worker?


Could this be included in a staff contract?


Or does this sort of allegation take place after a practitioner has left the setting?


Any thoughts? Thanks.

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we don't have a whistle blowing policy as such but have added this to our child protection policy


•Whistle blowing is described as the revelation of wrong doing, abuse or unethical behaviour by a worker/volunteer, and we will provide support and protection for whistle blowers.


we also felt it important to add


•Self reporting. There may be occasions when a member of staff/volunteer has a personal difficulty, perhaps a physical or mental health problem, which they recognise to be impinging on their competence. That person has a responsibility to discuss their situation with the Supervisor so that appropriate support can be offered

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our LA has a whistle blowing code which all schools and CC's are advised to adopt so don't know if all authorities have one? might be worth finding out if you are maintained setting?

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