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Just wondered if anyone else is taking part in the Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week - 29th June to 3rd July? and if so what you're doing.


We're spending next week preparing for it - making up our own Olympic Oath (!), a sports pledge and practising the games for the sports day event, to name just a few things. I'm getting a bit side tracked on focusing on our Country - we all had to choose a a country to represent and we/I chose Australia as we have a little girl who's just had three weeks hols there. I'm quite into their culture, flag, animals etc, but am worried it's a bit off the beaten track as we've been asked to research their sporting strengths etc.


Also, will have very little time to devote to it as we have four half days taken over with new intake visits, and an assembly to prepare for Friday 3rd :o


I'd be interested to know what you're all doing ... if anything.


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Your week sounds great!


We're taking part in it too. Year 1 & 2 are having a session of tag rugby with the town rugby club - a couple of parents are involved. Year R, 1 & 2 are having a taster football session from Saints, a multi skills session, swimming as well as other sports things with their teacher. We haven't really thought about what else we will do yet.

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We are taking part in it as well and were looking at the pledge cards this week. Some staff were concerned that they weren't appropriate for Recpetion but my feeling was that you can amke it as personal to the child or group of children as you like. We have a week of events planned with Sports coaches coming in to help which has been organised with out School Sports Co-ordinator. So we have golf Monday, Skipping Tuesday, Circus Skills Wednesday am, parents picnic for lunch and then an outdoor multiskills event in the afternoon which is for Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 2, Thursday is Tennis and Dance and Friday we have all the apparatus up in the hall. KS2 also get Skateboarding on Friday. So every day the children will come to school in PE kit and stay in it all day rather than have to keep changing and I am planning other sports related activities for time in the class and outside area. Any ideas fro other people would be great.

We held a sponsored sports event last year and didn't spend the money so that's how we can afford to do so much adn the plan is that in September we will try to run Golf, Tennis and another sports club which will be organised by the sports coaches.


This week we have Yr 1 and 2 in a gymnastics event, Yr 3, 4, 5 and 6 at basketball, Yr 5 and 6 in a cricket competition and the highlight is Yr 5 and 6 going to watch Australia play Cricket in Hove and have a training session with them at lunch. Lot's of eager childrn want to do that although sadly not my older daughter and I have to stay at school with my Reception Class. When visiting a nursery this week they had a junior school teacher who dressed up as Sportacus (From Lazy Town) and came to do PE type activities with the children. It was very effective and the children loved it.


Enjoy whatever you are doing


Nicky Sussex :oxD

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Certainly sounds as if this should be a fun week. We're having a sponsored dance marathon, a visiting wrestling coach, as well as extra time every day for physical activities to be chosen by class teacher. We're also having a whole school opening ceremony and a closing ceremony/celebration at the end of the week.


Better get my trainers out.


Nicky - I like the idea of children coming in PE kits and keeping them on all day - should save a bit of time.

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