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I wonder of anyone can help me with some simple questions to start with (- they may get more difficult later!)

I'm moving into F2 for the first time in Sept.

We are on a split site - a 40 place nursery and right across the playground two F2 classes initially with 16 each plus a shared TA for 3 children with special needs (2 physical and a child with developmental delay/?autism who are all in my class) We are having a new covered outdoor area but this can't be accessed from my room only from the other much smaller room.


Do your F2 children have trays to put their work and special things in or do you have a 'going home box' like we have in Nursery? (I'm not sure which they will need at this age)


Do you think it is OK to have only some of the areas of learning in each room e.g have one as a more creative area and one as a quieter more 'communication friendly' room and timetable our use of them for the afternoons?


Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Also, what are the current views on the safety of tyres? My headtaecher says they must be NEW but I'm sure I've read somewhere that if they are pressure cleaned they are OK. Does it depend on what they are being used for?

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Hi kamiller, havent seen you about for a bit!


I cant answer your tyre and Im going to move this to the reception/year one area.


Personally in reception/F2 I wouldnt choose to have individual trays but a variety of boxes for children to put their things in---going home box, book bag box etc. I tended to store name cards in a central place and use them for self registration too.


I think its fine to share resources and to set up the 6 areas across both rooms but I think you should be working together all day, free flowing together. You could have home base areas. so that you are based in a specific room and maybe deliver your teaching focus from this point or move about for that too but that will involve a very close working relationship with your colleagus and you will both need to be on board to make this work.


Good luck!

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I work in a similar situation,

We have 2 Reception classes woth 45 children in total. Our rooms are interconnecting and my room is the 'messy' room (oh the joy!) and the other is the 'academic' room (but it also has role play and small world in it?!).

I don't have individual trays for each child, but we have a book bag box, P.E. kit box, water bottle box, going home box...!

I hope that helps a little bit?!

Sam x

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Guest LornaW

kamiller first of all the tyres you definately do not need to buy new tyres - just ensure that there are no jagged areas etc on your recycled tyres and they are an excellent resource. Try to get different sizes and the children will use them in a myriad of ways. Also milk crates, bread baskets, logs, large pebbles etc make excellent resources for outdoor.


You don't have to have a tray for each child but it is nice for them to have a special place to put treasures they may want to take home so if you can organise this is will make each child feel special.


I think it is a good idea to use the two rooms as a shared space and will enable you to use the resources in a more effective manner than having all areas in each room. You may just like to have bases for your key person groups so children know where to meet at those times.


good luck I am sure you will love it in September!

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