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It looks as though I'm going to need to interview potential new staff earlier than I thought and the interview format we used previously looks out of date in light of EYFS. Does anyone have some questions I could look at, just to save me time as I seem to be overloaded with visits, management clusters and all the other things that need sorting out at this time of year? I'd be very grateful & you'd probably reduce my stress levels greatly!

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I'd ask questions along the lines of:


* How do you demonstrate in your practice that every child is unique?


* How do you develop relationships with children and their families?


* What do you think is the most important aspect of the early years environment, and why?


* What are your views on child-initiated learning/adult-directed learning?


*Why do you think it's necessary to observe children and record their learning and development? What methods or system do you currently use? What works well for you?


* What are your strengths in working with very young children? What areas are you least familiar with, and might welcome some training or inhouse support?


* What do you think are the most important concerns when working as part of a team? What makes you a team player?


* What do you think about the EYFS?



I'm sure others will be along to suggest some more :o

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Helen that's great; thank you so much! My old ones referred to Foundation Stage and National Standards and just didn't do the job any more.

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In a way, that's why I'd ask them :o


I think it gives the candidate the opportunity to be controversial, and if s/he can give a reasoned argument, it shows that s/he is a bright, thoughtful, reflective practitioner, and I'd employ him/her immediately! xD

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