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I have been told today that my local authority will be carrying out a health and safety inspection on my setting this week!


I have never had one of these before and wonder if anyone can tell me exactly what they will be doing, looking for, what to look at, what paperwork i may have to show....


I have 2 day to get everything 'up together' and im wondering if i am mising anything!


All reponses will be gratefully recieved!



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we had our last month :(

they checked we had our insurance policy up for parents to see

risk assessment forms

checked electrical appliances to make sure they had been tested

health and safety poster was displayed

cleaning rotas for toys and kitchen

correct colour cleaning clothes

fridge temp

food indate

were we wash food,

posters up in toilet for hand washing

fire evacuation sigh was displayed

fire fighting equipment had been checked and in date


I cannot think of anything else xD



We passed but with one recommendation :( have a new sink installed for washing

art / messy things, so not using the same sink we use for washing food :(


Good luck though, I'm sure you will be fine :o

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Thank you! Just one or two things i need to pull together from that, great though to know what to expect, thank you for your reply!

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