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This term we are looking at road safety (after an inccident with one of our little girls - not in pre-school time, but mum concerned and we felt we could make this a topic for all the children!) anyway, have also found out about something called Beep Beep day! - if from a charity called Brake who help families effected by raod traffic accidents and they help you run a Beep Beep day event, to raise money for their charity and help raise road safety awareness. if you want more info http://www.brake.org.uk


Am now trying to think of lots of ideas for planning this term. We are also looking at colours and shapes so have thought about looking at road sign - what colour/shape are they? what do they mean? etc, Also have thought about making our own sign and maybe a fake town with zebra crossings etc so on beep beep day we can assemble our town on the yard and practive road safety.(we live in a small village with no zebra crossings/traffic lights etc)


This is what we want to the children to learn from this topic; (adapted from the Brake info)


- Always sit sensibly in your child seat and never fiddle with the straps


- Traffic is big and fast and dangerous. It can hurt you very badly


- Always hold hands with a grown up around roads


- Never go near roads on your own



just need some clever ideas for more "fun" activities.... don't want it to be too serious and scary!


Thanks :o

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Guest tinkywinky

Hello, I've just received a road safety pack from this website www.total.co.uk/littlelearners supporting the latest THINK campaign about road safety. They have lots of ideas including interactive games for children, might be worth having a look at. The pack was free and has ideas. stickers and games which you might find useful. BRUM is featured too!


best wishes

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thank you! - the total website has quite a few nice ideas! am downloading some of their activities now!



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