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Teaching Phonics- Ideas For Activities Needed!


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Hi guys :)


I have just started my final teaching placement on my teacher training course and am teaching phonics each day.

I have no experience of phonics and have not observed much in the FS unit that I am currently based in.


I am after some ideas- I have been asked to revise all of the sounds (we use Jolly Phonics) and so need fun things for the children to do. Today I started off with an IWB activity whereby the children thought of objects that began with the sound and then discussed them with a neighbour and revealed the ones that I had thought of on the IWB to see if their ideas were on there.

They loved it and sat on the carpet for much longer than they usually would!


Any help will be much appreciated!


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Here are a couple of websites with good games for use on the interactive whiteboard or classroom computers.










Phonics activities have been discussed here loads- you could do a forum search (top right!) to find some more ideas.

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they are in Phase 2/3 at the moment, I have been advised to think of activities to revise all the sounds and also CVC words.



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there are some games that my children really love - I hope I explain them properly!!


Thumbs in


Similar to bingo, I write 5 words on a piece of paper and hand each pair a different set. I then call a word or sound and they shout 'thumbs in' if they have it and put their thumbs on the word. They must then segement the word, or if doing just sounds, they must say how many phonemes it has. They gain a counter to place over the word and we keep going until all the words are covered.




This is their favourite game! In a pot you write on pieces of paper the sounds or words you are learning. I usually pick about 6 words/sounds and write each one out 10 times. I also add to the pot 10 pieces of paper with the word BOO! written on it. Wthout looking they pick out a piece of paper, if it has the word/sound on it they say it and keep the piece of paper. If though, they get BOO! they must return all their pieces of paper to the pot. My class will play this for ages! We have recently started to play this with High Frequency Words and it has been really successful


Sound targets


I bought a cheap shower curtain and on it with a whiteboard marker I wrote words or sounds. the children take a beanbag and stand facing with thier backs to the curtain - they throw their bean bags over their heads and wherever it lands that the word/sound they must say/match. Again this works well with High Frequency Word or numbers/shapes etc


Ping Pong


I bought a load of ping pong balls from an 'auction website' and put different sounds on them with a sharpie pen; I say a word each child is given a straw and selected children suck up the ping pong balls with the relevant sounds - I have also put them in the water for the children to retrieve with a net.


If i think of anymore i will let you know


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