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Was wondering if someone could describe to me the effectiveness of APP in assessment?

Has anyone experienced any difficulties with it?

Its for an assignment, so am looking for a range of views please.

Many thanks,




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Hi there


We've only just started using it in our school so not much to share as yet. Although I know an ex-reception teacher who said it is like being back in early years with the all the paperwork again...


There is a lengthy thread on the primary forum on TES I saw the other day if you haven't seen it tho'.

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Will agree with what Phil wrote - I am back in Year 1 and it is like having the ELGs and the stepping stones and highlighting where the children are and where they need to go next.


The school I am in have just started using it and in a discussion, we felt that it would enable us to have a fuller picture of children's attainment across all strands and enable us to have a clearer and more detailed picture of where where we need to target teaching and learning. It also enables evidence to be gathered across the curriculum so,for example, you could gather evidence of writing simple sentences in science and not just literacy.


I am looking forward to working with it and think it will be really helpful for my work. It does feel like I am back in YR and having got used to working that way, I won't have any issues with moving to using this. However, there have been rumbles of 'not more paperwork to fill in' but I think that as staff get used to it, they will find it second nature.


The only other thing that I have come across is that staff seem to be more strict in judgments and in training exercises, tend to have scored work lower than the examples given on the website i.e. felt an example of work was high 1 rather than a low 2.


Sorry if it seems a bit jumbled, my brain is starting to overheat just like the laptop!!

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